Tiger Sharks!

“ Dear blackeyesandburnthalos ” — Anonymous


Dear Cas,

I have never felt so comfortable around someone before. Really. Never in my life. And apparently I’ve been around for a while.

I like being around you. You make me feel… less small. Less dumpy. Less of a nothing. I know I’m not one it’s just… I dunno. There’s a difference between knowing and believing I guess.

But… I worry. About you. About what’s going on between us. I don’t mind the sex, the closeness, the kisses. It’s nice. I feel safe doing that with you.

I worry mostly about leading you on, I don’t want you to feel used, or left behind if something comes up…

I worry about being Echo in that regard…. She… she doesn’t even mean it, I don’t think she knows what she’s doing is wrong.

…Just be honest with me, okay? I don’t want to break your heart.

“ ✧ ”blackeyesandburnthalosx


((Oh this one will be hard…))


((Paxton sometimes worries that he didn’t do a good enough job of shaping Castiel in Hell, and as a result it will harm Cas in the future. It embarrasses him because he knows that he did a good job yet he worries.)) 

“ Castiel dropped Dean's gaze as he slowly spread one wing, letting it manifest physically. The feathers were burnt and charred, a few holes, rips, and tears in his wing, gaping spots where feathers were missing. They weren't beautiful like Dean's. His were a mess, stinking of sulfur, ash, and burning flesh, nothing like the lush wings he'd had as an angel. He never let anyone touch these atrocities, but if this was what Dean wanted... ”blackeyesandburnthalosx


His wings were rough, and Dean was afraid that some of the burnt feathers might of fallen off if he brushed them too much, but they didn’t. Dean continued to let his single hand run over his feathers lightly, not wanting to grasp anything too hard. Green hues suddenly flickered over to the demons face, seeing that he was avoiding eye contact. Castiel was ashamed. Sighing, the hunter pulled away, but his palm couldn’t help but brush against the demons stubble cheek, speaking as it did so, “I think… I think they’re beautiful.” He realized it just sounded as if he was pitying him, but he wasn’t. To be frank, he didn’t want Cas to feel ashamed, because it hurt him too, even though he’d never admit it. And his wings were beautiful. They were actually kinda badass, like his Angel wings were. Finally, Dean pulled away and took a step back, “Sorry, uh, you can leave if you want.”


completely inspired by this post where Castiel is the prince of Hell.
I tried to draw him like a fallen angel slowly being corrupted into a demon.

And now I am wading through terrible fanfiction to find a decent one or two inspired by that post, because I have a burning need.



You’re a God-shaped Whore tonight.


Uhm… I’m not usually this creepy. I swear. More fanservice?


Uhm… I’m not usually this creepy. I swear. More fanservice?