"Shut the fuck up and be grateful you got anything from me.”

He grunted, punching a wall out of frustration as he passed, knocking a chunk of it to the floor as he kept walking.

The anger he felt towards Cas shook his core and deeply devastated him. So he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


He halted.

"Why do you want me to hate you so badly?”

He lazily pried open an eye, rolling it towards Heracles. “I never asked for anything from you.”

"Because maybe you’ll finally leave me alone if you hate me enough. But I don’t really care what you feel, so."


He wanted to bring up Crowley and Paxton, but even if their misdeeds had either been out of their control or for his own good, they were still heartbreaking in the moment.

"I never stop worrying. Not about you, not ‘bout the little angel who came into my library and showed me paintings of his ‘daddy’ and drew pictures for me…" He shook his head, "You decided to hate me… fine. But if you ever come after my children again, no matter how much I care about you? I will rip you into pieces so tiny that you’ll blow away in the wind forgotten and alone.

Heracles stood, shakily, hand still bleeding, walking towards the exit, “Enjoy the sigils… they make you less easy to track.”

"That a promise?" He kept his eyes closed and his expression neutral as he listened to Heracles talk.

"If you knew what was good for you, you would." His nose twitched slightly. "Your sigils might make it harder to track, but the blood reeks."


"I haven’t gotten shit, mate. F-fucking coward." He bit out the words, blood still dribbling from an unhealed finger as he balled up his fist and rubbed his eyes, "I waited for months to hear from you… I’d have waited years, and I thought about you every day because I was pretty sure my friend was dead because I couldn’t help ‘im.”

He pulled off his smeared glasses, red on the lens, “And when you show up it’s just to fuck me and steal my children?! Try to ruin the world?! Out of boredom?! You really think I’m that fucking stupid?!

"Yes. I think you’re stupid to befriend a demon and not expect them to stab you in the back. I think you’re stupid to keep searching for more answers, and I think you’re stupid to keep coming after me."

He closed his eyes and crossed his legs, leaning back against the wall. “Well now you have one less thing to worry about.”


Herc shrugged, still smearing, the lazy symbols on the walls were slanted but intact.

"Eh…" He pouted out his lower lip, examining his handywork, "Decorating? Fingerpainting? I want to yell at you for hurting my friends and my children? You still won’t tell me why? Maybe a housewarming party. Might be one o’ those. Yeah."

God, if he rolled his eyes again, they were probably going to get stuck.

"Well, you’ve gotten your answers. Sorry they’re not satisfactory. Now shoo." He made a lazy sweeping motion towards the door, sighing. 


"Mmmmm." He tipped the bottle back again, emptying it and tossing it to the side. "No."

He nipped at his thumb, and began smearing something along the cave wall, wincing as the wound didn’t close up.

"…Cave huh? It… uh… homey. Cave-ish? Yeah."

"Yeah. Really great. Wonderful. I’d give you a tour, but it’s only the one room." He didn’t look away from the cave wall opposite of him.

"Is there a reason you won’t leave?"


"That’s fine. I didn’t expect you to jump up and hug me or anything." Finally Paxton stood, sighing. "When you snap out of this, come see me okay? I wouldn’t mind talking to you." 

"Who says this is something to snap out of? Maybe this is just who I am now."


"I’m not done yet." Paxton’s tone didn’t change but now he was looking at Castiel, watching him intently. He knew the angel-turned-demon almost more than he wished. 

"Castiel… I’m sorry. That I was part of something that hurt you even more. You should have more happiness than you have right now… I still love you though."

"And I don’t love you. So go away. Apology unaccepted." He didn’t even move to look over at his mentor.


"I wanted to make sure you were still alive, and that you weren’t completely off the deep end. I can’t say that I’m unhappy with what I’ve found." He didn’t look at Castiel either, too occupied with watching the bourbon he held swish back and forth. "I’m not the only person you hurt after all."

"Great. I’m alive. Doing just fine. You can go now." He sighed, as if being in Paxton’s presence was too much work. "I know who I hurt. I’m pretty well aware of what I did."


Paxton shook his head. “Even cornered mice will fight.” He searched through his pockets, finding another bottle and taking a drink. “What made you loose all your will to fight?” 

"Well, I’m not a mouse. I’m a demon who realizes when he’s beat. Fighting’s not going to get me anywhere. I’m done." He sat back down against the cave wall, tipping his head back slightly. "Get on with it already."